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21st July 2012

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From A to B, and then ∞ or how imagination works


Picture a coordinate system. What are A and B? They are points, correct. So let  A be at (1,1) and B at (11,11). When connected A and B form a line, which we might say has a beginning and an end. Since we see the line’s A and B, we can perceive it, understand it and measure it. It has a slope of 1 and length of 10√2. It’s finite. Now let’s introduce ∞ to the game a.k.a. infinity, in Latin infinitas which means unboundedness. Imagine, where do we place ∞ on the coordinate system? “How do we place the unbounded on the bounded coordinate system” you might ask. That’s unquestionably impossible, it would violate the laws of mathematics and physics. In the Ancient World people were imagining and depicting infinity with the ouroboros snake. Intriguing.

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21st July 2012

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is it weird that I always compare Captain Jack Harkness to Michael Aranda



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21st July 2012

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karnzter:Good ol


Good ol

21st July 2012

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20th July 2012

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Venezuelan Nyan Cat -




Whaaatt!! D: que frito jajajaja y bueno de paso feliz cumpleaños! XD

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20th July 2012

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20th July 2012

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20th July 2012

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notgalifianakis:Oh stop, you


Oh stop, you

20th July 2012

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20th July 2012

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leamichelebrasil:Dianna agron at lax airport


Dianna agron at lax airport